Why buy art?






jr korpa PvWtpAAYdco unsplash

Emotional Satisfaction
It is a proven fact that art is good for the soul
It stirs your feelings and allows you to better know yourself. Art enriches your everyday life and allows you to escape to another place and time.
Please, move and enlighten; This is what art does.

Humanize your environment
Art allows you to personalize your space at home and work. It brightens and revives our lives and transforms our homes into unique attractive places.

Stimulates exchange of ideas.
Art grabs your attention and provokes sometimes passionate exchanges. It facilitates the sharing of sentiments and impressions each piece creating it’s own exchange with friends and relations.

Investing in Art
Not withstanding the ‘love at first sight’, syndrome which is often the catalyst which sets in motion the purchase of artwork, it is important not to neglect the investment side of this endeavour.

The notoriety and reputation of an artist and his or her potential for success are all factors which should be taken into consideration when you purchase art with the hope that it will increase in value over time.

Supporting today’s artists
All artists need for their art to be appreciated however they also need to earn a living. When you purchase art from a living artist you encourage this artist and you support his artistic …

Your financial support will help emerging artists to undertake new projets.

Purchasing art is a commitment !